Antica Dimora Firenze - Our Hospitality

Our Hospitality

When we opened our first Residence in 1994, the feed-back was so enthusiastic that we created four more similar Residences for our guests, each one different from the last, but all with the same hallmark – the charm and comfort of a private house with a smiling, discreet staff attending to every whim.

On arrival guests are handed the keys of the house, together with a guide to all the sights and amenities in Florence so that they can make the best of their stay.

Footsore from sight-seeing in Florence, guests can relax at the “Honesty Bar” and serve themselves a drink, listen to music or read a book from the little library at their disposal.

All our Residences are in the centre of Florence, either in an historic palazzo or a small villa dating back to the turn of the century. Guests can go everywhere on foot, wherever the whim takes them, whether it be to a museum, a restaurant, a boutique, a Renaissance church or to one of the landmark coffee houses of the city.

Our most appealing trait is our quality:price ratio in a Tuscany which today is almost as renowned for its up market prices as it is for its incomparable beauty.